Das Buch Goldmann 

Ingeborg Bachmanns Darstellung des postnazistischen Wien


  • Marie-Luise Wandruszka University of Bologna




postwar Vienna, Austrian Literature, Remigration


Ingeborg Bachmann applied the title Das Buch Goldmann to a writing project that preoccupied her from 1963/1964 until after the publication of her novel Malina in 1971. Yet her broad audience was not able to read and acknowledge this book as an independent work. Only with its publication in the Salzburg edition of Bachmann‘s complete works does it reveal her totally unusual ability to grasp politico-economic relationships (the immediate post-war period and the resulting Cold War in Vienna or the market mechanisms of the Frankfurt Book Fair …) and their tragic as well as comical repercussions for men and women – Jewish remigrants, ex-Nazis, untalented actresses, and writers without character. This novel‘s credibility is due to its highly unusual, precise, and unemotional language.




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Wandruszka, Marie-Luise. 2019. “Das Buch Goldmann : Ingeborg Bachmanns Darstellung Des Postnazistischen Wien”. S: I.M.O.N. Shoah: Intervention. Methods. Documentation. 6 (1):82-94. https://doi.org/10.23777/SN0119/SWL_MLWA01.