Der 'Judenkönig' der Edlgasse

Gustav Hauskrecht und die Verfolgung der Juden in Bratislava 1944/1945


  • Michal Schvarc Historický ústav SAV



Slovakia, Bratislava Volksdeutsche, Täterforschung


The Holocaust in Slovakia was not only a result of the antisemitic policy of Hlinka’s Slovak People’s Party regime headed by the Catholic priest Joseph Tiso, but also an initiative by the lower parts of society – the local aggressors. After the occupation of the country by Nazi Germany in the late summer of 1944, this situation partly changed, with the ‚solution of the Jewish question‘ becoming one of the top priorities of the occupying power. However, without the help of local helpers, this would hardly have been successful. One such case was Gustav Hauskrecht, the head of the so-called ‚Judensammelstelle‘ in Bratislava. This convinced National Socialist and uncompromising antisemite contributed significantly to the persecution of Jews in the Slovak capital at the end of the war and bears a joint responsibility for their deportation to the Nazi concentration camps. This article is an attempt to biographically profile one of the main perpetrators responsible for Shoah in Slovakia.



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Schvarc, Michal. 2019. “Der ’Judenkönig’ Der Edlgasse: Gustav Hauskrecht Und Die Verfolgung Der Juden in Bratislava 1944/1945”. S: I.M.O.N. Shoah: Intervention. Methods. Documentation. 6 (2):94-108.