Young and Restless

Political Activism and Resistance among Jewish Youth in Romania


  • Anca Filipovici Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities



Jewish youth, political activism, Zionism, Bundism, Communism, oral testimonies, Holocaust in Romania, underground movements


Based on testimonies from the Fortunoff Video Archive and other personal accounts, this article delves into the political options and the mechanisms of political mobilisation among Jewish youngsters in 1930s and 1940s Romania. Primarily involved in two distinct forms of activity – within the Zionist youth movements and the communist movement – their early political engagement represented a defiance of antisemitism and adult authority. Simultaneously, it served as an alternative island of safety and stability. By exploring various personal experiences in specific political contexts, I argue that the political involvement of youngsters should be analysed as a manifestation of juvenile energy and a unique form of agency for victims of antisemitic persecution.

Author Biography

  • Anca Filipovici, Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities

    Anca Filipovici is a researcher at the Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities in Cluj. She was awarded a PhD in history from the Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj in 2013. She is the author of a monograph and of several articles and studies exploring ethnicity and antisemitism in interwar Romania, with a focus on the history of Jews, the history of youth, and discipline and education in interwar schools. She is the recipient of several fellowships from Romania, Austria, and Germany, and she was recently awarded the C. and N. Weickart Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Fritz Bauer Institute in Frankfurt am Main for the period from 2023 to 2024.




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