Holocaust History in the Bohemian Lands

Research Questions and Voids, Sources and Data

Keywords: Holocaust, Bohemian Lands, Historiography


This introduction summarises the rationale for this ‘national’ special issue devoted to the history of the Holocaust in the Bohemian lands. It discusses the legacy of the historian Miroslav Kárný and the historiographic pause and disorientation following his death in 2001. Before summarising the articles, it analyses the recent polarisation of historiographic debates with regard to the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. It tackles disputes around the local, or Czech, entanglement in the persecution of Roma and Sinti and around comparisons with the genocide of Jews. It discusses the attacks on research that critically challenges common assumptions about Czech solidarity with Jews and the one-sided, top-down approach to the history of the Holocaust in the Protectorate.

Author Biography

Michal Frankl, Masaryk Institute and Archives of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Michal Frankl is a senior researcher at the Masaryk Institute and Archives of the Czech Academy of Sciences. His research focuses on the history of modern antisemitism and the Holocaust and on the history of refugees and refugee policies. He is the principal investigator of the ERC Consolidator grant Unlikely refuge? Refugees and citizens in East-Central Europe in the 20th century.

E-mail: frankl@mua.cas.cz

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