Visualising the Holocaust


  • Anna Lujza Szász


Roma holocaust, trauma, representation, the ‚outer dimension of memory‘


In this text, I wish to explore the relationship between trauma and representation, which would serve as a theoretical framework for my research on the Roma Holocaust and its visual representation. First, I attempt to understand the concept of trauma starting from a rather psychoanalytic perspective and then shifting towards historiography. Then, I aim to conceptualise the Holocaust as a traumatic event within the context of representation and think about the ways in which the experience of the Holocaust was understood, thought, reflected or visualised in art. I argue that art, or representation in general, is an the; a tool for the working-through of a trauma; a possibility for a new rhetoric that provides a better understanding of our past, present and our future.


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Szász, Anna Lujza. 2019. “Visualising the Holocaust”. S: I.M.O.N. Shoah: Intervention. Methods. Documentation. 1 (2):28-47.