Sowing the Seeds of Hate

The Antisemitism of the Orthodox Church in the Interwar Period


  • Ionuț Florin Biliuță


antisemitism in the Orthodox Church, clergymen and theologians, Romanian Iron Guard, radicalization of Orthodox nationalism, patristic theology and canon law, Transnistria


The present article is focused on the antisemitic mindset of several prominent Orthodox clergymen and theologians associated with the Romanian Iron Guard and the radicalisation of Orthodox nationalism under the impact of fascism. During a wave of right-wing ideo- logical radicalisation, Orthodox clergymen and theologians shifted from understanding the Jew according to the patristic theology and canon law to a more confessional, exclusivist trend of theology. It also discusses the Romanian Orthodox Church’s position towards the development of an antisemitic theology and the implementation of this theology during the Holocaust by the Orthodox priests affiliated with the Romanian Orthodox Exarchate in Transnistria.




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Biliuță, Ionuț Florin. 2019. “Sowing the Seeds of Hate: The Antisemitism of the Orthodox Church in the Interwar Period”. S: I.M.O.N. Shoah: Intervention. Methods. Documentation. 3 (1):20-34.